Code 10 is pleased to offer the convenience of having your meals catered.

Our delicious sandwiches are made with the highest quality ingredients and are served on the freshest breads.

For your convenience, we've created several options.


Option 1: Sandwiches or wrap, chips, cookie in an individual box
$9.00 pp
Option 2: Gourmet hot dogs and all the fixings, including chili 
                        cheese & sauerkraut and a child size ice cream cup

$6.00 pp
Option 3: Assortment of our freshly made wraps and sandwiches
                       (serves 8-10)


Salad Trays

  Serves 6-8
Serves 10-12
 Garden Salad $40.00
 Caesar Salad
$35.00  $50.00 
 Greek Salad $45.00  $60.00 
 Grilled Chicken Salad $50.00  $65.00 
 Chef Salad $50.00  $65.00 
 Code 10 Salad $50.00  $65.00 

Pasta Trays

Served with garlic bread.

   Serves 6-8
Serves 10-12
 Chicken Broccoli Alfredo over Ziti
 Meatball with Marinara Sauce over Ziti


Brownie Tray
 Assortment of  brownies
$3.00 pp
Cookie Platter
 Assortment of our daily cookies
$1.50 pp
 Homemade Ice Cream                   Small  $3.99              Large $4.99
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